Providing you with quality standard information, advice and guidance

We are very pleased that we have retained our matrix Standard accreditation in July 2021 for the next three years and we will continue to provide Ealing residents with a quality standard of training information, advice and guidance.

Matrix Standard is a Department for Education’s quality standard for organisations that deliver information, advice and guidance. It assesses and measures the advice and support services offered and helps providers, like Ealing adult learning, to improve their services by benchmarking against best practice.

What our learners are saying

“I need my level 2 qualification to get into adult nursing and Ealing adult learning helped with everything – course choices and support to get me where I want to go.”

“I wanted to talk to my GP and help my children, and thanks to Ealing adult learning I now can.”

“I wanted to start a new career while working in catering. The Ealing adult learning standard is high and the teachers really supportive. It was also great to have company during the winter lockdown.”

“Studying with Ealing adult learning has been a great experience. I’m so much more confident and am working towards being a teaching assistant.”

Matrix Standard assessor’s feedback

  • Information, advice and guidance service delivered in a very robust way
  • Excellent awareness of local, regional and national strategies with all staff being aware how their role contributes to achieving the overall objectives
  • Learners’ outcomes have been identified as very strong, through a very well-planned joined up curriculum offer where learners are able to gain new skills and knowledge while developing confidence and self-esteem
  • Personal development and health and wellbeing courses identified as very strong with much more on offer than just following a programme of study
  • Very effective use of data to monitor learners’ progress
  • Excellent staff competence, all are very interested in adult community learning and are making a real difference
  • Extensive community partnerships enable the service to widen its reach and ensure they engage to reach learners.

Our courses

We offer a wide range of courses and workshops for adults, parents and families who want to be inspired, creative and qualified. Find out more about our courses.

Are you a local business?

We are also working with a variety of businesses in Ealing to deliver high quality courses and workshops to their staff, at no cost to you and your business. To discuss your training needs, contact us via email or call us on 020 8825 5577.

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