About us

Ealing Adult learning (EAL) is part of Ealing Council. We have many years of experience in delivering courses across Ealing. Our latest Ofsted inspection in March 2016 demonstrates that we continue to be a good provider.

We work closely with many services within the council, including public health youth and connexions, employment and skills, arts, heritage and libraries, housing and facilities management.

Currently, we work with over 25 external partners delivering in the community. We also work with Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College by signposting learners to appropriate courses to help learners access provision and progress.

How we are funded

Ealing Adult learning receives funding from the Education Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) to deliver adult and community learning courses linked to employment and skills in Ealing. ESFA has clear priorities and guidelines on which types of learning should to be prioritised by adult and community learning providers such as EAL.

We only receive funding for learners who meet the eligibility criteria. The information we ask from learners on the enrolment form is required by the ESFA. We also need to provide evidence that learners have individualised learning plans. In addition, we have to comply with requirements by Ofsted’s Common Inspection Framework.

Our priorities

Ealing Adult learning both works to help meet council priorities as well as the priorities set out by the Education Skills Funding Agency, who funds us. EAL contributes to the following two out of three council priorities:


By creating the right conditions for economic growth, enhancing opportunities for local people, providing affordable, high quality housing and helping young people to achieve at school and compete in the labour market.


Improving public health through early intervention and prevention. In particular, to support residents with physical and mental health issues to be as independent as possible.

Recent London wide area reviews of adult and community learning (ACL) has recommended that ACL prioritises learning for those who are furthest away from work, need basic skills, live in deprived areas, have poor physical or mental health, are older and lack rich social contacts, have a disability or need to retrain.

We are keeping a rich offer of lifelong learning for all. However, we have prioritised the following types of courses:

  • Basic skills such as functional skills English and Maths and ESOL
  • Learning for work, employability and professional development such as IT, CV and job search skills, as well as specific qualifications including in childcare, support teaching and learning and health and safety related courses
  • Learning for families including family language literacy and numeracy courses and wider family learning including some new homework clubs
  • Health, wellbeing and personal development – these courses include arts, crafts and textiles as well as physical exercise classes in yoga, pilates and TaiChi, mindfulness and philosophy
  • Learning for independent living – these are courses we provide with partners and are directed at local residents in day care settings.