Language courses

Communicating in other languages is the ideal brain train. Why not try one of our courses from the wide range of modern foreign languages, delivered by Ealing School of Languages in partnership with Learn Ealing. You can develop your language skills across 10 modern foreign languages from complete beginner to advanced level.

All language levels have stages 1, 2 and 3, each comprising a minimum of 30 hours of study (15 hours in class plus at least 15 additional hours as homework).

Classroom-based course fees (Ealing Green College):

One term:

Two terms:
£314 (£167 before start of and term 1 & £147 before term 2)

Three terms:
£451 (£167 before term 1, £147 before term 2, £137 before term 3)

Online course fees (Delivered via zoom):

One term:

Two terms:
£244 (£130 before term 1 and £114 before term 2)

Three terms:
£350 (£130 before term 1, £114 before term 2 and £106 before term 3)

What learners say about our courses:

“I can communicate more effectively and confidently by the encouragement of my tutor.” David Ryan about French higher intermediate.

“Each term I become a little better at speaking and understanding Italian.” Sue Hudson, Italian.

To enrol on a modern foreign language course, please contact Ealing School of Languages:


07943 223203 or 07984 409339


Ealing Green College, Ealing Hammersmith and West London College, The Green, Ealing W5 5EW

Please note:
Ealing School of Languages do not deliver English or BSL courses. If you have questions about those, please send email or visit